Bitquest Features


The currency on this server are the Bits. A bit is a fraction of a Bitcoin (1/1000000) that you can obtain by killing monsters, trading with users or transfering from an outside wallet. All of it is stored on a standard Bitcoin wallet on the Blockchain.

Level System

The level system is different that in a vanilla server. You gather experience from killing mobs and is never lost. Your XP allows you to become stronger and gain extra health. Mobs also have levels and special abilities specially in dungeons and dangerous areas.


The server is made having the concept of fun in it. Bots and AFK farming is strictly banned, and there are hidden bosses and dungeons.

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    The new BitQuest, version 2.0 is finished. The goal of this release was to make the integration of Bitcoin into Minecraft simple, open, and hackable. I am sure this is far from perfect,...

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  • BitQuest is now Open Source

    BitQuest started as an experiment to create a Bitcoin economy inside Minecraft and we have not only demonstrated how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology can be best game money in the world, but started...

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