BitQuest started as an experiment to create a Bitcoin economy inside Minecraft and we have not only demonstrated how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology can be best game money in the world, but started the best community of players and collaborators we could ever hope for.

We’re excited to announce that BitQuest 2.0 Beta testing has started, This is a complete rewrite of the project that works as a Spigot plugin, and completely Open Source under the Apache-2.0 License.

You can check the official repository here:

That means the game mechanics and economy are completely transparent, we’ll be open to collaborations via pull requests to improve the game, everyone is welcome to fork and make their own Minecraft servers fuelled with the power of Bitcoin as an in-game economy.

We want to thank the folks at Xapo, BlockCypher Xeyler, the BitQuest Slack and Mego for helping on this huge re-launch.

We’re hoping to see you on the brand new BitQuest. Merry Christmas!!