BitQuest supports Dogecoin. Such currency, very server!

doge built in Bitquest, Minecraft server

Hi fellow BitQuesters!!

Dogecoin is a notable cryptocurrency. It’s a clone of an old version the Bitcoin network, with one difference: it inflates at a rapid pace with no limit.

Since Bitcoin entered the mainstream and became less accesible, players have asking us to open alternative servers in other cryptocurrencies, so we decided to experiment with Dogecoin.

Please note this server is considered “alpha testing” and we recommend you don’t use it to store large amount of coins.

After a small refaction of the BitQuest code, it’s finally compatible with Dogecoin and you can connect to our brand new doge server in:

(Using Minecraft: Java Edition 1.12)

Like always, is possible to use our open source code to create your own dogecoin server! you can learn more in our GitHub repo

About the Bitcoin server… Worry not! There’s no plan to discontinue or replace the world of BitQuest, and both will be receiving the same updates.