Satoshi Town will reward players who protect the city

Today our servers have been invaded with withers, killing animals and causing mischief. The city council of Satoshi and Doge Town will reward with cryptocurrency to any players can find and slay a Wither.

The rules of the event are simple:

  • A wither will appear only when the loot facuet is > 400 Bits/DOGE. A discord bot will send the location once.
  • The player who can fight and deliver the final blow to the wither will be awarded 100 Bits.
  • 100% of BTC paid to villager shops and land purchases go to the loot faucet!!

The loot faucet

All prizes come from our ‘faucet’ wallets, that are replenished by players when they purchase stuff. This also means it’s possible fund the Wither terrorist group sending crypto to the faucet.

In addition to the location of the monsters, our discord bot will announce the challenge winners and other stats about the game.

At the time of launch, we experienced a bug where the reward announced was double the actual prize. We apologized and fixed it.

The End

For now, prizes are fixed at 10000 satoshi / 100 DOGE. If we detect a large sum in a pool we will spawn monsters in Nether and End worlds with higher rewards. If you are curious on the amount of rewards given each day or the daily volume, you just look at the game wallet.

Join the hunt

Are you ready for some Wither hunting? Connect your Java Minecraft to:

  • (Bitcoin)
  • (Dogecoin)