Create a new clan

As you may know, clans are groups of people with common interests. That’s why on this server you can create clans with friends and play together. Check the commands below to understand how they work in BitQuest.

/clan new <your desired clan name>

Creates a new clan if name is not taken. Your clan name must be alphanumeric and 16 characters max.

Invite player to your clan

/clan invite <player nickname>

Invites a player to the clan. Any member of the clan can invite other players. Once player is invited, they must accept the invitation

Join a clan

/clan join <clan name>

Join a clan. You must be already invited.

Kick player from clan

/clan kick <player nickname>

Removes player from clan instantly. Any clan member can kick others.

Leave your clan

/clan leave

You leave your current clan and are free to join/create another one.